Kingdom Now

Kingdom Now: Pursuing Unity in the Body of Christ to Change the World
作者: Pat J. Sikora
出版社:Mighty Oak Ministries
Kingdom Now


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Are you troubled by the fear, lawlessness, and chaos in the world?
Are you experiencing apathy, friction, or disunity in your church?
Do you yearn for action-oriented faith rather than “doing church” as usual?

Good News There’s Hope
Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom of God in all He did but left the responsibility for healing the world to His church, the unified body of Christ. The perfect model for that unity is His relationship with His Father: “I in them and You in me” (John 17:23). He then promised the world will know the Father’s love through our unity with one another.

But How Do We Reach That Lofty Goal?
Kingdom Now Pursuing Unity in the Body of Christ to Change the World is a 13-week inductive bible study on ten “one another” passages in the New Testament, focusing on personal and corporate application. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, making it perfect for a committed group. It’s deep enough for a theologian, yet simple enough for a new believer. This study will challenge you and your small group to

• Forge unity within your church.
• Go deep and then even deeper with one another.
• Expand the Kingdom of God in your corner of the world.
• Be the church. The one Jesus charged with changing the world.

Shepherd your church or small group into the richness, depth, and power Jesus intended when He established the ekklesia, the Body of Christ, on earth.

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